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Why should you buy an used Nissan Juke

When buying a used car, you might be wondering constantly if this is the right decision for spending your money. If you need quality at a low price and you are simply not bothered by the fact your future car already had an owner who took good care of it, then you shouldn’t worry about regretting your decision. Edmunds claims that used Nissan Juke cars are one of the most profitable options you can find on their store. Keep reading if you want several reasons to buy such car.


Being a car designed for 5 passengers, with 4 doors and an all-wheel drive, a Nissan Juke is the perfect option for a family car or a personal use-only one. It meets the exact criteria to suit all your needs and desires, being reasonable both as a price and features. Given the fact that this is a quite spacious car you won’t have to worry about dimensions aspects. New Nissan Jukes are expensive cars which offer a lot. Used ones are less expensive and offer the same you’ll get from a new car. Your decision shouldn’t be hard to make, especially if you throw an eye on price listings.


Nissan Juke is well-known for its high-performance petrol engine. The 1.6 l engine producing up to 93bhp for a model that is entry-level is more than sufficient for a car with that size and weight. This car usually comes with an automatic gearbox, CVT type, earning another 25bhp. You will also be able to find Nissan Jukes with DIG-T a 1.2l turbo engine that is actually more powerful than the 1.6l which may sound a little bit odd, but think about all the benefits you’ll get from a smaller engine: saving money, less CO2 in the atmosphere etc.


This car is designed as a sport crossover which will remind Nissan clients of a 370Z, with harsh edges and a robust body. A Nissan Juke has a certain personality and it resembles the character of a SUV car with 4 doors. You will observe its sport side while exploring the inside of it. Ergonomically designed seats with carefully contoured lateral support, small touches of colour, the steering wheel and its leather details or the main display of the car are specs that will instantly make you fall in love with this car.


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