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Who hasn’t heard of Verona? It is a city from the well-known country of Italy, situated at an altitude of 59 meters above the sea level, at the foot of San Pietro and River Adige, near Lake Garda. It is located at 75 km from Venice, 93km from Bolzano, at 102 km from Milan and 341 km from Rome, the capital of Italy.

In ancient times, Verona was an important point for any type of land and water transport in the North Italy and during the Roman times it was the meeting point of the 4 major streets: Vicum Vironesium, Posthumously, Gallica and Caludia Augusta. Today it is a geographical node-street ferovial, an important highway due to its location in the intersection of the directions from the central and north-western Italy with step Brennero.

Verona is the city where the love of two lovers ran the Shakespearean tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, thus capturing the city’s famous lovers. Verona is the city that includes:

– The Roman Amphitheater (Arena) is one that looks pretty good with the Colosseum in Rome, but is slightly lower. It was built in the first century ICR for fighting gladiators. It ranks as the third among the amphitheaters in the whole world, after the second one which is Lying El Jem in Tunisia.

The Roman Theatre

Arco de Gavi

Porta dei Leoni

Porta dei Borsari


– Basilica San Zeno Maggiore is the most beautiful church, located just a few steps away from the center; it can be easily recognized due to the great bronze door. San Zeno is the patron saint of the city.

Basilica San Lorenzo

Church of Santa Maria Antica

– Dome

– Barbieri and Palace Square is located close to the Arena Bra

Maffei Palace, which has been carved over six Greek gods

– Natural History Museum which holds the most valuable collections of fossils and archaeological artefacts in Europe

– Castelvechhio Museum is a fortress of Verona, turned into a museum which holds a series of sculptures, paintings and statues

– Dante’s statue is located near the Piazza della Erbe

Juliet’s balcony, looked a sight for tourists, close to it being the statue of Juliet’s bronze.

I want you to show me someone who hasn’t heard of Romeo and Juliet, someone who hasn’t heard of Shakespeare and only after seeing such a person, I will understand that they might not like Verona. In other conditions, I am sure that you all will fall in love with this romantic city.

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