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Varna is the third-largest city of Bulgaria after Sofia and Plovdiv, located on an area of ​​29km2 with a population of 335 000 inhabitants. Varna is an industrial center with excellent roads and international transport by land, air and water. Here is port, a naval facility. Varna is a renowned tourist resort in the world. In its surroundings – Golden Sands resort accommodates thousands of tourists. It hosts many international events such as international music festival “Varnensco liato”, film festivals “Libovta is ludost” (Love is crazy) and “Zlatna pink” (rose gold), etc.

Congress Centre and festivals are near sea entrance to the garden and was built for housing the various congresses, symposiums, festivals, concerts and even shows. The center of exhibitions has 11 multifunctional rooms, 250 m2 exhibition area, fancy restaurants and cafes. It is equipped with modern technology and the organization is able.
The location of the city in the northern Bulgarian coast and rich natural resources make it in one of the most famous European centers and the largest of the Black Sea region. At the same time he connects the Middle East with the Western Europe.

Archaeological Museum of Varna occupies an area of ​​2000m2 and has 32 rooms with permanent exhibitions: Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance.
Here is the oldest gold treasure in the world, which dates from 4000 BC. Museum navy is one of the symbols of Varna. It is located in the southern part of the marine park.
Beautiful museum building was built in 1878 for Italian consul, Aserato. The park is arranged with an exhibition of marine guns, the old lighthouse of the port of Varna and one of the first Bulgarian ship battle.
12 rooms house exhibits that track the history of the region’s ancient sea so far. The most precious exhibit is the battleship “Drazchi” which only preserves ship of its kind to date. Since 2004 it can be visited by tourists.

Museum-Park “Vladislav Varnencic” is dedicated to the Battle of Varna Opera 10.11.1444, built in the place of the battlefield. The Museum exhibits biological studies and hosts Varna Black Sea creatures. Exhibits are presented by the principle of evolution and divided into three categories: geology, flora and fauna.

Ethnographic Museum in Varna was inaugurated on 27 July 1974, when near the museum was built a house in the Renaissance style such as “symmetrical case”, which was built around 1860. In the museum are displayed objects of culture and life of the population and the second part of sec.

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