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A nice touristic destination that we are going to tell you about is Tavira. In case you are not familiar with it, we will start by telling you that this is a beautiful and elegant city in Portugal, with many surreal aspects. The visitors can be forgiven for forgetting where they are or even in what year they are, because when you enter the fishing town of Algarve, you forget about anything.

Between  the 8th and the 13th century, Tavira was under the Arabic domination. It was conquered by the Knights Santiago in 1242 and the settlement was elevated to the status of city in 1520 by King Manuel I. It was the main commercial port in the Algarve region during the 16th and the 18th century.

Today the city has managed to save the traditional and the attractive character of the place. The 7 Bridge arches above the river Gilao show the Roman origins  as it was acquired in the 17th century. Since the massive floods in 1989 affected this construction, the bridge was open only to pedestrians.

Market Hall which is situated in front of the river, was renovated several years ago and today it is “home” to several shops, cafes and restaurants around the central space designed for exhibitions and special events. This stretch along the river Gilao is a great place to stop and admire the picturesque landscape. The gardens near the river offers a delightful resting place, usually occupied by older people who spend time here playing games.

Tavira is probably some of the finest churches in the Algarve region. There are about 20 churches across the city. Igreja da Misericordia Church, built in the 16th century is often called as the most beautiful church in Tavira, with magnificent sculptures and paintings. This town is relaxing, peaceful, and over all, it is exactly what you need to reach for an ideal vacation.

Tavira, as a touristic destination has long sunny beaches, covered with sand. Among the sights, we mention the Roman Bridge, which connects the two parts of the city over the river Gilao, the churches: Santa Maria do Castelo, built on the site of a Moorishmosque, and whose clock tower was remodeled in original minaret, Misericordia, Nossa Senhora das Ondas, Sao José, Sao Paulo and Carmo.

Choose Tavira as a destination and when you get back from your vacation, please share with us your impressions!

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