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The Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, is known not only as the largest city in this country, but also as an amazing historic, political, economic and cultural place. Also Ljubljana is one of the most interesting European cities and a very attractive tourist destination. With over 300,000 inhabitants, Ljubljana has retained the look and the atmosphere of a quiet town, full of historical monuments, museums and places with promenades, adapting to the modern peaceful life in an inspired manner.

As in many other European cities, the most interesting is the old part of the town Ljubljana. It is at least as attractive as the historical monuments and all the creations of the nineteenth century – the beginning of the twentieth century. The famous local architect, Joze Plečnik (1872 – 1957), is known to be the designer of that amazing corner of paradise and the results of his work are found surprising.

Ljubljana is a large city, and within a couple of days, without hurrying, you can see the majority of the touristic attractions, whether it’s about museums and galleries, monuments and historical buildings. You can find almost anything, from cafes, restaurants and traditional shops, spaces for walking, and moreover you can become familiar with the atmosphere and the peace in the capital of Slovenia.

Ljubljana is an architectural spectacle, in which you can admire the creations of the Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau, completing each other without striking. Keep in mind that there are are the best theaters, museums and galleries in the country, one of the oldest Philharmonic in the world and there are held annually over 10,000 cultural events, three different international festivals. Among the most important events, there are: The Summer Festival, Biennale of Graphics, Jazz Festival, Festival of Film and Music Festival LIFF Druga alternative.

We offer you a range of objectives, museums, attractions:

Judge: City Hall of Ljubljana is one of the most popular buildings. Before 1484 the citizens of the city meet in the market on the right side of the bridge Cevljarski and in 1484 was finally completed.

Ursulinska Church: for the people is the most beautiful place of worship in the baroque city, built between 1718 – 1728, in the manner of the folk architecture in northern Italy.

Franciskanska Church: built in 1646 – 1660 on a small hill, the river is a very beautiful and very old church, but also very important for the people who love religion.

Neboticnik: an impressive skyscraper-sized, a modern symbol of the city, it was designed by Vladimir Subic. The construction was completed in 1933, marking a period of rapid development in Ljubljana.

Krizevniska Church: in the past there rises a Gothic church, built in the thirteenth century, the foundation that was built in 1714 the current structure. It was the first church plant in baroque city and one of the most beautiful.

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