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In case you have ever thought of visiting Sweden, we suggest you to take a look over Goteborg! This is the second largest city of Sweden, but also an important port and university town. The main attractions are the Liseberg amusement park, museums, and parks beautifully groomed.

Although many people prefer to visit Stockholm in Sweden when it comes the right time, this picturesque town on the West Coast deserves a lot of attention.

The Dutch model
Goteborg has a population of nearly 500,000 inhabitants and it is important mainly for the University of Gothenburg that has the largest in number of students from Scandinavia. The city was named after the generation of Goths, who lived in southern Sweden. King Gustav II Adolf founded Gothenburg in 1621, built the city after the Dutch model and network channels so it resembles to that of Amsterdam.

In order to manage more easily manage this city and make some savings we recommend you to buy what is called the Gothenburg Pass. This is actually a ticket that can provide you with a number of free-to-visit attractions in the city (including the amusement park Liseberg ). You can gain access to various organized tours or free ways of transportation. You can buy it from any tourist offices, newsstands and even from some hotels. It costs between 175 crowns and 295 crowns for a day or two days.

Goteborg is known for Liseberg amusement park whose centerpiece is the ultra-modern tower with a height of 83 meters. The panoramic view over the city is overwhelming. Besides the tower, there are some many other carousels, and trains that you can try. A ride in the park can cost from 10 to 40 crowns, but you can get one ticket of 235 crowns with which you can try all the attractions from early in the morning until late in the evening. To get there, take tram no. 5.

Other objectives of the city include a series of very interesting museums, such as: the Museum of Art (with works by masters Rubens, Rembrandt, Van Gogh or Picasso), Göteborgs Maritime Center (with a collection of 13 ships), the Museum of Maritime History Sjofartsmuseet (which includes an aquarium) or The Museum of Natural History. When you feel tired and want to take a break, you can go to relax in one of the many parks of the city where you can admire the collections of butterflies and palms. Sounds great, isn’t it?

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