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Edingburgh is a worth-visiting town, which is downtown bordered by High Street to the east, River Clyde to the south, west and north M8 motorway. George Square is placed right in the heart of it, with many statues and buildings. Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital and second largest city after Glasgow. Architecture is the main fascination of the city, with Celtic influences and Gothic. All buildings in Edinburgh are perfect matches that keep the same royal architecture.

Edinburgh is divided into two pieces, “Old Town” – a street bordered by Royal Mile and “New Town” – to the north of the most important thoroughfare Princes Street. The most important sights are to be seen on the Royal Mile. The street ends with the Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Palace, the residence of kings.

Royal Mile is also the most important commercial artery in Edinburgh where you’ll find many shops with traditional products, famous pubs and unique museums.

After visiting The Edinburgh Castle with crown jewels, fortresses, cannons and arms room, you have to go down the Royal Mile. On the right place is where your whiskey museum presents the history and manufacture of whiskey on a journey through the barrels. You can taste famous drinks offered as free-entry. The museum of whiskey called Haunted Museum is the only building with all sorts of special effects, lighting all the products, mirrors and 3D drawings.Also on the Royal Mile is the Museum of Childhood and the cathedral St. Giles. Entrances to museums cost between 5 and 9 pounds and are generally open between 10 and 17.

In the street Royal Mile is Holyrood Palace. You must know that in some periods of the year the palace is closed for use by the royal family.

Parallel street, Princes Street, Scotts Monument is a true symbol of Scottish. For the art enthusiasts we recommend Royal Museum Scottish, National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery of Scotland and memorial houses of local writers, national libraries and the new parliament.

You should also visit the gardens on Princes Street, zoo and botanical garden, where the entry is free, but it is possible to make donations if you want.

Despite the legends, Scottish are some very welcoming people. Do not hesitate to ask for information, because they will guide you with pleasure and. Edinburgh is the city of festivals, most notably being Hogmanay, a show organized in Prinses Street!


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