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Spending your next holiday in Rome looks like a dream come true. Only thinking that you will be able to see the Roman Forum, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, the Colosseum or the Castel Sant’Angelo, makes you get excited. You should start planning your trip earlier; to be sure that you choose the best period of the year, and that your trip will go smooth. You have to search for a hotel, see what museums are open in that period of the year, and plan activities for every day you want to spend there. You have to book some things in advance like the Rome airport shuttle, to be sure that you have a great experience.

Book your flight

If you have decided the day of your departure, you should book your flight as early as you can, because you will get a low fare if you book it lot earlier. The international flights are open for sale, months before departure, and they do not drop from their initial price, they actually start to grow up slowly as the departure date is coming. You will generally get a good price if you book your flight with at least three months in advance.

Book your hotel

When you decide to stay in a certain hotel you should book it in advance, because if it is located close to a tourists’ attractions you might not find a free room later. In addition, you might get a lower price if you book it in advance, or some extra services. Some hotels offer a part of their rooms at a lower price, because they try to increase the occupancy rate, and if you are lucky, you can get one of these rooms.

Book an airport transfer car

It is important to book an airport transfer car, because you have to be sure that you can arrive from the airport to the hotel, even if you airplane lands late in the night. Sometimes is very stressful to try to find a taxi to drive you from the airport, and you can avoid this by hiring a private transfer service. You might not know which direction you should travel, so you need someone to safely drive you. Drivers from such agencies are able to navigate the city’s layout easily. Agencies hire only experienced professionals, so you will feel comfortable to travel with them. They will point out the tourists’ attractions when you pass besides them, and they have the ability to build instantaneous positive relations with their clients. These agencies make sure that drivers are waiting for their clients several minutes before the flight lands, so you do not have to worry that you might not be able to get to your hotel. Also, they are waiting for you an hour after your plane arrives, and they have a board on which is written your name, so you will definitely find them. It is important to book a car in advance, because this might influence your entire trip.

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