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Traveling in Europe as a Canadian

The world is always yours to explore and experience, so as long as you have the desire to visit an amazing place, there should be nothing to stop you. However, if you want to make every moment count and have a beautiful experience especially when travelling to a faraway location, you should pay attention to the differences between your own country and the ones you plan to visit. Booking the plane tickets and the accommodation is not enough to make your stay at the other side of the world pleasant. As it happens, the differences between travelling in Europe and to Canada could ruin your trip, unless you set on your vacation prepared or at least armed with an open mindset. There are the obvious differences like the language, culture and currency, but there are also less known mismatches like in the voltage or the differences in the legal and financial systems. You also have to expect a different taste and method of doing things, because even the little things matter when you are on your vacation. For instance, a Canadian travelling to Europe will expect to have luxurious travelling alternatives at their disposal, because luxury tours with limousines are common in many cities of this country. You can find many Ottawa limo providers at a glance, while in Europe big cars and limos are not that popular and very expensive to use. If you travel to Europe, do not expect limo transfers and book a taxi from home to ensure you will not get scammed at the airport by other taxi drivers.

Many Canadians have a shock when they reach Europe and their appliances blow due to the difference in voltage. Compared to the 120 volts the Canadian appliances can handle, the 220-240 volts most European power outlets provide will damage most electrical devices unless an adapter is used. The physical difference of plugs and sockets also give Canadians a headache. Therefore, you should always be prepared with an adapter when travelling from one location to the other. Another shock tourists from Canada have when they reach Europe is the price for consumables like sticks and batteries, which are up to 30% more expensive. Cigarettes are also more expensive, so a well prepared smoker should buy a few packs of cigarettes from duty shops in the airport to cut down his expenses.


Language-wise, Canadians can rest assured in mainland Europe, because people there have a good understanding of the language, but signs are not always translated in some parts of the continent. It is especially difficult to travel by car in countries like Bulgaria, Ukraine, Macedonia and Serbia where they use the Cyrillic alphabet. Bus, train or taxi transfers are available in Europe, so renting a car is not mandatory. However, independent taxi drivers might try to overtax you, so contact the company directly to ensure you are safe. You should not expect comfort and luxury you get with Ottawa limo services when travelling in Europe, at least not within the same budget limit. Limousine tours are rare and common only in tourist destinations.

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