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Have you ever had one of those really bad travelling experiences where nothing goes as it should and everything is telling you that you would be much better at home than on the trip? If you have been a passionate traveller, such as me, then you surely know what I am talking about. There are some moments when you simply wish you had never bought the tickets to go somewhere or left your house in the morning, but these dreadful incursions are exactly what you will think of over the years as the most interesting and memorable experiences. However funny those moments might seem over time, this is no excuse to let everything to chance and have a bad travelling day during your holiday. In order to ensure that moments such as those will be avoided and there is nothing but joy and happiness waiting for you at the end of the road when you reach your destination, here are some insightful tips and tricks which everyone can use in order to enhance their voyage and make sure that the overall experience is a glorious and unforgettable one.

One of the best things that all travelers should take into account is the fact that unforeseeable issues might occur and that they will occur, so be ready by knowing what to do in case of a problem. For instance, if your car breaks down you probably have an emergency number saved in your agenda, but what if you get locked outside the vehicle? Don’t think this can happen? You might be surprised to see how often tourists turn back or abandon their cars because they forgot the keys inside and did not know what specialist to call to fix the problem. Therefore, the wise thing to do in this case and in any other similar ones is to look for all of the major emergency numbers prior to leaving on websites such as and write them down in your agenda so as to have quick access to them all the time. You can look up the hospitals, emergency rooms, pharmacies, car services and towing shops, tailors, shoemakers and repair experts, non stop supermarkets and mini markets, veterinary offices in case you have the family pet along for the trip, as well as many other important places which can be hard to find or take time if you research them on the trip and not before like we advise.


Another precious tip is to have a hardcopy or paper backup of the important numbers, routes, hotel reservations and indications you have written down prior to the vacation. This will allow you to forget all the worries about the phone running out of battery or the car’s GPS system braking down. Get total independence from technology with a plan B which involved the traditional maps and agendas. In order to conclude, the only way to get the total feeling of relaxation during the holiday days is if you do all of the planning in advance and leave nothing to chance. If you are equipped with solutions for any possible problem or at least for the major ones, then you can rest assured that even if something were to happen, you would still have a solution ready!


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