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The Rio Secreto: a place worth exploring

The beautiful and amazing Yucatan Peninsula is widely considered a real traveling treasure. Having so many tours and vacations to dazzle tourists with, the resorts and cities part of it are highly popular, representing the perfect destinations for all summer holidays. Riviera Maya is the perfect example in this regard. Although it is not actually a city, but a stretch if you will of the enchanting coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, this location has several secrets that any tourist would be more than welcome to discover. If you are planning to visit this location, then one particular tour Riviera Maya is currently offering you should be treated with maximum attention. Rio Secreto is truly something completely different, something you have not seen before in any of your journeys. This is the kind of place that each time it is discovered, it brings forward something new. It is simply breathtaking.  Still, here are a few details about this mystical place that might convince you that what everyone saying is in fact true.

Rio Secreto is first of all a natural reserve that is opened to the large public, so in order to get there, you would have to sign up for one of the many organized tours. It is simple to find it being closely located to Playa del Carmen. However, since you will part of an organized group, getting there will not be a problem. It is a one-day tour, but each moment spent in Rio Secreto will be priceless. You might be wondering what exactly will you be looking at. Well, you should prepare yourself for an underground expedition, because Rio Secreto represents several wonderfully preserved caves. The views are simply spectacular and tourists who took this tour agree that they felt as if they were walking underneath the Mediterranean Sea. The fun part of this journey is that you will spend most of it floating on an underground river. The feeling you get glancing at the caves is rather difficult to explain in words.


Throughout your journey at the Rio Secreto, you will get the chance to study the typical cave rock formations, stalagmites and stalactites and understand why this location is thought to be one of the most important natural reserves Mexico has. You might not believe this, but these caves were only discovered in 2007. The Rio Secreto was in fact a secret up until recently. However, this quickly changed, because once discovered, news of its beauty traveled fast and people from all parts of world arrived to Riviera Maya especially for this tour. From that point on, Riviera Maya was no longer known for its amazing beaches, but for Rio Secreto as well. Considering the fact that this natural reserve is surrounded by five star, luxurious hotels and spa resorts, it almost seems like a mystery that it has remained a secret for such a long time. If you should ever decide to take a trip to Riviera Maya, then do not miss out on your meeting with nature in a stunning and unbelievable setting.


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