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The Best Windsurfing Spots in Greece

Greece is beautiful and fascinating and its beaches and waters can become the perfect destination for an unforgettable vacation. During the windy summer months, it’s the best place for windsurfing. If you are passionate about this sport and you wish to explore what this amazing country has to offer in this domain, we are more than happy to share with you the best windsurfing spots in Greece so you will know where to go next time you want to practice your skills. As such, renew your stand up paddle supply with the best paddleboards and accessories and go on a trip that will offer you all the fun and excitement you are looking for.


This is one of the best regions for water sports because it’s one of the islands that enjoys powerful Meltemi winds the entire summer. The most surfers come to the Golden Beach and the New Golden Beach because this is where the wind blows at its highest speed. And with the Santa Maris bay right across the corner, it’s even more suitable for wind and kitesurfing.


Although it’s not a very popular place and it can be hard to reach for many, Limnos is one of the most appealing windsurfing spots Greece has to offer. Being an island in the northern Aegean region, it mostly consists of northerly winds that are strong and warm, just perfect for windsurfers who can enjoy the entire day until late in the afternoon. If you are not into windsurfing, you will also find plenty of entertaining activites to try and you will enjoy the best bistros and bars with the most delicious foods.


Another favorite Greece destination of those who like to wrestle with the wind is the popular island of Rhodes where tourists come for relaxation all year round. And since the island also enjoys an airport, it’s more accessible and easier to get to than other surrounding islands. If you are an experienced surfer, you must go to Prasonisi, on the southern side where the wind blows at full velocity. Beginners who want less adventure can go to Paradeisi, Theologos, or Lalisos where they can find numerous windsurfing clubs.


One of the best spots for windsurfers who travel to Greece is definitely Naxos, with its strong Meltemi winds that make it the perfect destination for summer. The beaches Plaka and Aghios Prokopios provide excellent conditions and a variety of windsurfing clubs for people of all ages. The main town near the Aghios beach is actually one of the most visited places because it offers the best conditions for all skill levels surfers. If you want to improve your skills, you can opt for the lagoon with flat water that will help you get more confident.

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