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For the tourists who come around and do not stop in Strasbourg, we have one simple message: at least, you have surely only to lose! Located immediately after the border between France and Germany, the city of Strasbourg is a unique blend of influences from several countries. It is a great place to visit and there are many things to do here.

Also in Strasbourg there are found the headquarters of the European council and important institutions, standing out among all the European Parliament. Strasbourg Brussels shares with the honor of hosting the seat of Parliament, one of the most prestigious institutions of the continent.

As far as the holidays in Strasbourg, France, are concerned, you should know that
the most important sights of Strasbourg include places like Little France and Notre Dame Cathedral. The latter is a very appealing touristic attraction. Surprisingly, The Strasbourg Cathedral has the tallest bell tower across France, although we cannot say that there would be serious competitors to mention.

This cathedral was even the tallest building in the world for a very long period of time from 1647 until 1874 when it was deposed by the Church of St. Nicholas in Hamburg, Germany. The astronomical clock inside the Notre Dame is again a sight not to be missed in a visit to Strasbourg.

“Little France” is the name that has been given to the area between the two rivers near the city center. This area is beautiful and embodies the best combination of the two cultures, French and German. In the Middle Ages, this was the best and the least honorable filth of the city, a district of Strasbourg. A short boat tour can be an interesting way to see the city from a special perspective. It is not as impressive as a tour along the canals of Amsterdam to say, but the reflection of the buildings in water can contribute to a pleasant afternoon.

Orangery is another touristic attraction, a beautiful park, which gives the impression that you are thousands and thousands of miles away from the civilization. Some buildings with great architecture and perfect lawn care offer to the tourists the opportunity to spend some pleasant moments. It is a typical French park of the highest class.

If you choose to visit Strasbourg in the month of December or late Novemberm, you have to know that it is organized as one of the most interesting Christmas fairs throughout France, and the city is transformed into a truly enchanting one.

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