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Split – a touristic hub for Croatia

Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, but in spite of this, it has been underrated for a long time. However, in the past years it has become a popular choice for those who decide to explore the Old Continent. This is due to the development of infrastructure, but also to the amazing attractions awaiting international tourists all over the country. The southern part of Croatia, for instance, has incredible natural landscapes and unique landforms more and more people are willing to see. If you are up for a laid back vacation in a place full of tradition, where modernity and history are perfectly cohabitating, then you should choose Split, the second largest city in Croatia. It has a beautiful ancient architecture as well as contemporary buildings, not to mention its multiple facilities dedicated to tourists.

The city offers a complete experience

For those who are trying to spend a lazy holiday near the sea, Split has the ideal option. It is situated on the Adriatic shore and its spectacular coastal mountains contribute to an amazing landscape. The blue waters border the land and their color is said to be actually unique. In addition to this, the unspoiled atmosphere can be nothing but relaxing, which is why here is where you are going to spend the time of your live. If you are the type of tourist who likes to wander around on picturesque streets and admire ancient architecture, then you are also welcomed in Split. The city hosts the Diocletian’s Palace (a precious Unesco World Heritage site) and is the best representation of the Dalmatian genuineness. Many Roman monuments can also be visited, not to mention that there are plenty of bars, cafes, stores, restaurants and shopping centers where you can hand out. In spite of being a large city, getting around is quite simple. You can even rent a water craft and go offshore to see the dramatic landscape and explore the surroundings.


Visit the Blue Cave, a unique local attraction

What is actually great about Split is that it offers you the possibility to see surrounding beauties. The Blue Cave, for example, is one of the most spectacular natural phenomena around the world. Situated on the island Bisevo, a Blue Cave Croatia tour will definitely be the highlight of your holiday. This unique landform is so special because of its particular color, hence its name. The light is reflected inside the cave through a small crack in the stone, creating a wonderful effect. The silvery blue color, the strange shape of the stone as well as the sunlight that can be seen through the cracks make this place special and unique. Although initially the cave was not opened for the audience, the authorities have decided it is a pity to keep such a beauty hidden from tourists, which is why it has become a public attraction for people all around the world. In the past years, it is a must see location for those who reach the southern part of Croatia.

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