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Love skiing? Then you will love the ski resorts in France even more. Many people travel to France only for the famous Eiffel Tour, the delicious croissants in Paris or the Arc de Triomphe. Little do tourists know that France is the host of many places that can be called winter paradises. Ski resorts in this country are growing in popularity every single year, considering the fact that tourists now prefer French resorts over Austrian ones or Italian ones. The neighboring Alpine countries are now occupying the second place in this top. If you decide to ski in France, follow this list:


The most famous ski resort in France is Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, also known simply as Chamonix. Some of you may known Chamonix as the location when early 1920s Winter Olympics was held. As the name says it, Chamonix is placed on the highest mountain peak on the continent, Mont Blanc, reason why it is so popular among tourists. If you want to enjoy the many activities in Chamonix along with a perfect skiing experience, go ahead and book a hotel.

La Plagne

The second place is occupied by La Plagne, another ski resort that impresses through its beauty. The best part about La Plagne is that the blue runs are far more numerous than any other pistes. La Plagne was first opened around 1960 and since then it offers a gorgeous sight and seamless runs. It is also great for visiting with the whole family, as it gives tourists the possibility to choose bobsleigh tracks and snow mobile ones.

Val Thorens

Val Thorens is the best ski resort in the Trois Vallées area. The peaks you will ride with your skis at this resort reach no less than 3200 meters, making Val Thorens one of the top choices of skiing passionate tourists. Beside the stunning sightseeing here, you will get to select between a multitude of luxurious bars and night clubs placed in the Alps. It is a great location for people who want to have fun during the night and ski peacefully during the day.


This is the most expensive ski resort in France and it hosts a lot of tourists each year. If you are looking for a more pretentious experience, Courchevel is the answer. The good range of pistes and runs along with the complex lift system will give you a proper skiing experience, while famous stars walk down the streets having a good time. Five-star hotels and designer shops are waiting for you at Courchevel.


If you’re looking for a cheaper version of Coruchevel, this is it. Méribel is part of the Trois Vallées area and it has a considerable number of green runs, which makes it suitable for kids too. Méribel is a picturesque village that will give you the exact experience you want. What’s even better about Méribel is that most people speak fluent English, so you won’t encounter trouble with getting by. Keep in mind that Méribel is a lower resort and the sights are not as spectacular as in the case of the other locations mentioned here.

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