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San Marino

Are you looking for a new place where to go in your next holiday? You should, as known that Christmas in knocking at your door and as well do the presents. If you wish to leave and let all your problems behind, here are some important details you should take into consideration before visiting it. San Marino is the third European country in a random top of small sizes, being surpassed only by the worldwide known Vatican and Monaco but at the same time, it claims to be world’s oldest republic. It was founded by Saint Marinus in 301AD, and now it has a population of only 4493 inhabitants in an area of ​​only 61 square miles. Also, its boundaries are entirely within Italy.

If you wish to go to San Marino, you need to know that the most common form of transport is traveling by bus. Even if it does not have so many significant places to taken into consideration like museums or monuments, it does not mean it has a lack of it. All the tourists who wish to visit San Marino need to know that it will be a beautiful experience, while visiting the Public Palace, built in 1894 by Francesco Azzurri.

Another marvelous place to be seen in San Marino is Guaita. It also hosts an important building which attracts many tourists every year, from the 11th century. Though, not the least on the list of the most important attractions of San Marino, its beautiful shopping centers are worldwide known, as more and more artists decide to take upon its fashion as years go on. And, as here comes the winter with its most beautiful holiday, Christmas is what you need as a reason for going to San Marino! Here you will find a lifetime experience, which could not be lived in any other place. Being an Italian masterpiece, this estate gets its beautiful destinations from the Renaissance, when all men wished for something new, something beautiful. And here is their result: San Marino in its entire splendor, date back from the 11th century!

Another important fact about San Marino is that it always provides fashion and secure. For tourists, it is needed to be known that they will be all the time safe thanks to the San Marino policy and police, which is available for anyone, even if you are a habitant or just a tourist. So, go for it!

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