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Vacations in Mexico are very popular and have been for a couple of years now. The great weather, the variety in resorts and the amazing history and culture to be discovered have made it one of the top holiday destinations for people all over the world. There are many lovely places to explore in Mexico and among all, Riviera Maya certainly stands out. In fact, its popularity has grown so much over the years that the entire area has developed greatly and many tourism agencies have begun operating Riviera Maya tours, attracting more and more travellers every year. This diversity and focus enjoyed by the region has led to many beneficial aspects, but it has also led to tourists being bombarded with offers and promotions from an overwhelming number of tour operators. Choosing the best option has therefore become quite tricky.

Decide what you want to do


The first thing that will help you make the best decision with regards to Riviera Maya tours is deciding what it is that you expect from this vacation. All tour operators may practice similar prices and focus on the same area, but they certainly don’t all offer the same type of activities and experiences. If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation, you should look for tours that offer horseback riding, wine tasting and other such fun, but relaxing activities. On the other hand, if you’re into a more exciting adventure, look for ATV tours, extreme experience tours and so on. There are also agencies that offer cultural tours, where you get to visit archaeological sites and learn about the Mexican history and culture.


Enquire about accommodation

Some Riviera Maya tours are simply one day excursions that you can opt for while you’re vacationing there, however others provide complete packages, which includes accommodation as well. You should enquire about this before booking a certain tour, especially if you want a more luxurious vacation, where you can feel pampered and enjoy lush amenities and accommodation. As mentioned above, ever since the region has become popular for holiday makers, it has also known quite the development, so there are now plenty of beautiful and fancy hotels for those looking for such a vacation.


Compare packages

Your decision should be made not only on the basis of price or the type of activities included, but also on the overall experience offered. Obviously, Riviera Maya tours that include accommodation or that encompass more activities and different excursions will be more expensive than the ones that include just one day trips or a single activity. It all comes down to how much of your time you want to occupy with pre-booked tours and excursions and how much you want to just wonder off and explore on your own or sit back and sun bathe at the beach. Different tours offer different packages that obviously take up more or less of your time, so that’s something you should take into account before booking.


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