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Popular casinos Around Europe

Nowadays, people don’t just choose the standard sunshine break, or city break. More and more people are opting to combine their hobbies and their holidays and because of an increase in popularity of online casino gambling, more people are going on casino holidays than ever before. With casino’s offering luxury accommodation, theater, ballet and even cirque du soleil for entertainment, who can blame them? Here are some of the best casino’s to visit in Europe.

The Hippodrome, in Leicester Square, London, was built in 1900 and was originally built for a circus. Charlie Chaplin even performed there in the early days of his career, so this is a building steeped in rich entertainment history. After taking on many different guises, it was converted into a casino in 2009 boasting four gaming floors and a dedicated poker floor where tournaments take place. The casino is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and you can choose from 1 restaurant and 6 bars to spend your time in.

Casino Baden in Austria first opened its doors in 1934 and went through multiple renovations over the years. It is a well know casino across Europe as Europe’s largest casino and you can often see celebrities spending time at this casino. Numerous politicians and celebrities have been spotted spending time at Casino Baden. The town itself is a spa town and you can indulge in the Roman springs as well as the operetta theatre. It is both a place of entertainment and relaxation.

Denmark is a very small country, but there are actually six casinos dotted around it. Casino Copenhagen, is the largest with 3 levels of gaming over 3000 m2, 25 live game tables and 140 slot machines. It is made up of more than 600 wood panels connecting 10,000 wood and glass triangles in all the different ceilings in the building.

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