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Places to Visit in Spain

We all know that many countries can be ideal places to go to, when passing our holidays or vacations, which is why, sometimes, it can be difficult to decide on what country to turn to, in order to have a special and unforgettable vacation. Luckily, there are many travel agencies which come in handy for tourists who need to select the right vacation package for them, which can also fit their budget. Anyway, among the most attractive travel destinations, we need to mention the places to visit in Spain.

This country has it own charm and you will surely be impressed with the natural landscapes and modern urban settings existing in places to visit in Spain. Moreover, once you are in Spain, you should definitely visit its fine restaurants and lounges, where you can taste various food delicacies that belong to the traditional cuisine of this nation. Spanish cuisine is appreciated world wide and you should not miss ordering its renowned paella, which is a national dish consisting of seafood, chicken breast and rice. This country is rich in culture, history, nature and modern urban settings, which is why tourists can’t have enough of visiting it and coming back to its wonderful places. However, remember that the best time to visit Europe is usually in spring or summer, because most countries here experience all the seasons, so you’ll most likely enjoy yourself better when the weather is warm.If you prefer the winter, and you would like to see snow, then the best time to visit Europe is of course during winter, but don’t expect much from Spain, because it rarely snows here.

Each and every city of this country has a special charm and many tourists like to visit them one at a time, in order to enjoy their stay and study in depth the culture and civilization of this nation.

Granada, the capital of province Granada, located in Andalusia is a popular destination tourists have in this country. The reason this place is highly appreciated by visitors is that it has wonderful natural landscapes to offer viewers, the city being located near the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Among the old buildings and monuments you can visit around here, we can name the Cathedral of Granada, the Royal Chapel and the Palace of Charles. You will also find here many gardens filled with wonderfully displayed flowers and enchanting garden decorative items like statues and fountains. Actually, the fountains are a common feature of most flower gardens existing in this city.

Sevilla, located in Andalusia, in the southern region of Spain also is a popular tourist destination, mostly because it represents a large historical center. Here, you can visit the Fine Arts Museum, Casa de Pilatos, the Town Hall and the Archive of the Indies. Parque de Maria Luisa and Plaza de Espana are ideal places to be both for the days and the evenings, when you can enjoy the shows of flamenco dancers. There are many other great places to visit in Spain that you will be happy to hear about and you can search the Internet for further information.

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