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Places to Visit in London

If you want to have a special vacation for this year, you should definitely visit London, which is one of the most visited and admired capital cities in Europe. England is a place where tradition, culture and urban life combine ingeniously in giving foreign visitors countless things to see and do, which will surely make them return for more. You should know that this large capital has plenty of wonderful tourist spots and you are guaranteed to find something to see and do every single day you pass in here. Many tourists choose to pass their time in this capital, thanks to various tourist attraction, no where to be found in this world. From the very beginning, you should know that there is no better place to seek for culture and tremendous urban settings than in the places to visit in London.

Once you are in London, your fist stop should be at London Eye. The first thing you need to know about this hot tourist spot is that its name was given mostly because of the giant Ferris wheel, you will see in its center. These days, this tourist attraction is named the EDF Energy London Eye. This observation wheel is the highest such setting in the world and can hold 25 tourists in its 32 capsules. You should definitely join other visitors in one of London Eye’s capsules, as this way you will be enchanted with the breathtaking view over this magnificent city. Don’t forget to take your photo camera, as you will surely want to take many photos to bring back home and show your friends.

The next must-see spot we highly recommend in the places to visit in London is the British Museum. This cultural site is among the world’s most visited destinations. You should know that this museum was built in the 18th century and currently, it contains an impressive collection of about 8 million artifacts and exhibits. If you like culture, you should not miss seeing this tourist attraction which presents to viewers artifacts from prehistoric times to present times. You will even find in here a collection of mummies belonging to the ancient Egypt.

Another stop in our best places to visit in London is the Science Museum. It is amazing to realize how much intelligence certain scientists have put in the scientific advances of our times. You can let yourself impressed with the innovative technology and science inside this museum and you can also visit the Imax cinema, which is available in here. The entry is free and you can have an unforgettable experience with the 3D or 4D simulators that copy the space missions of Apollo.

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