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Are you looking for the best place to spend your holidays in this time of the year? If yes, well, you meet the right place! Here it is your answer: Oslo. Located in Norway, this beautiful capital is what a human being needs for recharging his batteries for a new year. In order to support this affirmation, here are some places from Oslo which is said to be the most from all over Norway:

  • The Norwegian Folkloric Museum: placed in the center of Oslo, this beautiful construction from the past hosts the entire history of Norway.
  • The Akershus Castle: built in 1299, this masterpiece houses two major parts of Norway’s history, located near the center of the town.
  • The Norwegian Parliament: again placed in the center of the town, this building can be found on the main street of Oslo.
  • The Vichinge Boat Museum (or the Vikingskiphus): this museum hosts two important parts of history, concerned in only two of them: two vichinge boats which date back from 900 years ago.

Oslo is the place where any dream can become reality, as well as reality dreams. As the Christmas season is here, gifts have to be made, so that many of you out there are in search of the best of them. If you wish to avoid mistakes, then, you should opt for a trip. But what trip? We know for sure Luxemburg would be the best choice, not only because of its appearance but due to its weather. It is also required to book in advance for a better tickets sale, so that you will make savings for another gift that is waiting for you to be purchased.

Not the least on the list of the advantage of choosing Luxembourg as the best place for spending your Christmas holiday with your family or friends would be its beautiful appearance, which will make you want it more and more to go in such a warm embrace as the one that Oslo provides you. Still, the next to be noted as the best impression the Oslo could provide is that is has the best location from all world, so that you will have a splendid panorama of Oslo’s beauty. What impress most is that as any other country, in Oslo you will always can sit on a bench while drinking your warm hot chocolate and admire the world drift by, but besides that, it has a special charm which could never be imitated.

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