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London is well known for having many iconic buildings, beautiful sights and landmarks, both old and new, being a city that is constantly evolving and enriching its culture. If you have never visited the city and you are planning a short trip there in the near future, then there are a few places you should not miss out on. From the Convent Garden to the Buckingham Palace and the London Eye, make sure you take the time to discover some of the most important attractions before leaving London. Use this short checklist and enjoy exploring this wonderful and captivating city.

Convent Garden

Being one of London’ districts, this location has become an extremely popular tourist and shopping site, being associated with the former vegetable and fruit market. Although it is not exactly an iconic attraction such as the Buckingham Palace, it is certainly a great place to explore, while admiring the local street performers or going on a short shopping session.

Big ben

What location could be more significant for the historic culture of London than the Big Ben. Being located in Westminster, the official name of the clock tower is Elizabeth Tower now, being named after the Queen. Because it is such an important landmark for London, you should definitely include it into your must-see list.

Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham Palace is the source of interest of thousands of visitors every year. The palace is the main London residence of the Queen, and is situated in the proximity of Green Park. If you desire to admire the palace’s beauty not only from outside the gate, then you have the possibility of booking yourself a tour, and get to see with your own eyes how it living like a royalty is like.

The London Eye

Last but not least, make sure to buy a ticket to London Eye, and enjoy a surreal view from London’s highest viewing point. This location has been opened to the public in 2000, and its spectacular view has determined millions of tourists to come get a glimpse of the London’s skyline.

Regardless how short your trip to London might be, do not forget to see these few important attractions, which will definitely make your travelling experience more pleasant. London is great location for tourists, offering an exiting nightlife, excellent culinary experienced and an impressive number of captivating attractions. Next time you are in London, make sure you do not forget to discover the above mentioned places – you will certainly not be disappointed.

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