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Monschau, Germany

A historical town, nested and partly hidden in the craggy forests in the North Eifel region,within Hohes Venn and Eifel Nature Park in the valley of the Rur river, Monschau, Germany is one of the most beautiful places in Europe to visit or, even better, to live in.

Having a historic town center, narrow streets with half-timbered houses on the sides, landscape of the river Rur which runs through the town center and, last but not least, the panorama from the hills surrounding the area where the town is located makes Monschau, Germany, a very special place to be, in particular during the winter holidays. The town was first referenced in 1198 when it was known in history as Montjoie and it belonged to France. In 1918 its name was changed into Monschau by William II, German Emperor, 113 years later after it had been granted to Prussia.

Its half-timbered buildings bordering the narrow streets have been well preserved in spite of its tumultuous history. It is a great resort town offering tourists various interesting sights and museums, nature and culture, as well. Some examples of beautiful historic places to visit are: Eifel Museum of Photography and Film, “Uraalt Scholl” Museum of Local History and Culture, Rohren Historical Sawmill in the Kluckbachtal Valley, Historical Grafen Keller, Emperor Charles’ Bedstead, Cross in the Hohes Venn, Monschau Center of Art and Culture (KuK), Nature and Forest Education Trail, Perlenbach impound lake, Rohren bobsled coaster, Red House which offers a beautiful visual contrast with the many dark colored houses of the town, Weiss Printing Museum, Monschau Town Train, Brewery Museum, a Glassworks visiting center where people can watch different techniques of processing glass.

Monschau has a beautiful Christmas Market which in December 1999 received the award for one of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in the west part of Germany. Its boutiques offer, besides delicacies such as Bratwurst, specific German gingerbread, Lebkuchen, Printen, mulled wine – really popular throughout Europe or “Monschauer Dütchen” which is the best sold item in Monschau, Germany, it also offers tourists plenty of choices for artistic crafts, ornaments and interesting present ideas.

The Christmas Market in Monschau, Germany offers during the weekend only free programs including concerts and moreover, Santa Claus who visits Monschau’s Christmas Market in the afternoons and evenings. Therefore, Monschau makes a magical touristic town to visit, especially during the winter holidays. It is the perfect location for you and your family, and we are sure the children will love it the most!


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