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Are you up for a trip of relaxation? If yes, this section of our guide will help you find the best places to be visited in order to satisfy all your requirements. Starting with its strategic placement, Monaco is known for its beautiful appearance and views. But, for you to know that you will make the best decision going on a trip or making a gift of a travel to Monaco, here are some of the beautiful places to be seen in Monaco:

  • Le Casino of Monte Carlo: located in the heart of Monaco, in Monte Carlo, this place has the biggest casinos from all over the world. Being both beautiful building and company, this casino has all what it takes to be functional even after so many years from its opening; the gambling area and the other ones are open for those who are up to 18. What is interesting from this point is that this entire building has many services for you included; if you wish to get a nap or to have a romantic night, here it is Hotel de Paris, date also from the 19th century at your services.
  • Monaco-Ville: The old town: like an estate which respects itself, Monaco needed to have something more, something old.
  • The Prince’s Palace and Palace Square: it was built in the 13th century, and modified in the 16th’s. If you wish for yourself to go and visit the Prince’s Palace, you should know that there are many museums which are waiting for you to be seen, as well as their souvenirs.
  • The Old Town: as being the most wanted place to be visited in Monaco, the old town receives more and more visitors, as years go on. Even though it is a small place in comparison with the other places from all around Monaco, it is a quite one, where almost all the tourists are up to go.
  • The Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium: this building houses an amazing museum and aquarium, which cannot be seen in any other places on the earth. After visiting it, you can at the “La Terrasse” restaurant with anyone you wish. Here, you may drink and eat well, as well as listening to the best songs from all over the times. Then, you can get a closer view to what means Monaco in its own splendor on the Azur Express.

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