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Have you ever wished for a trip to a small city? If you are one of those ready for the trip of their life, Luxembourg is the best place to go especially this winter. It has an area of 2.586 km, being one of the smallest European countries as far as we know. Here you may find some important buildings, such as: European Court of Auditors and European Investment Bank. But those are not the only to be visited in this majestic place. Here are some more constructions you should visit in a lifetime spend in Luxembourg:

  • The Palace Grand Dukes: it is known as the official residence of the Grande Duke of Luxembourg. Here, history adepts may learn its history from the early 1890s.
  • Notre Dame (Notre-Dame Kathedral): this Gothic style building has started its living from the early 1621, when it was finished. Here, the royal tomb of John the Blind is housed.
  • The National Museum of Art and History: it houses art exhibits from the early years from the XV century to the XVIII of Rembrandt and Van Dyck.
  • The National Museum of Natural History: it is known as the most representative form of Luxembourg’s natural beauty, where visitors may admire exceptional panoramas of this wonderful city, known also as “Switzerland”.
  • The Vianden Castle: here the Counts of Vianden has lived, in a construction which dates from the 19th century. As many others in Luxembourg, it hosts a museum of history exhibitions.

If you wish for relaxation among your trip, you should know that the home of spa is here in Luxembourg, in Moselle. At this place you can have connect with the real means of a holiday, which consists of mainly professionals. What is best about this place is that you will feel secure and ready to go back to work as your holiday ends. But let’s not think about it, as we are now developing the underneath of what means Luxembourg in its own splendor.

If you crave for music, then you meet the perfect place – the Philharmonic from Luxembourg is internationally renewed especially for its concerts of best jazz from all times. Also, you may go to the Grand Theatre if acting is what you wish for in your little trip. And let’s not forget about probably the most important aspect from all times: shopping! Esch-sur-Alzette is what you look for!

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