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Kvarner Islands, Croatia

Kvarner Islands region extends towards Istria and consists of coastline and islands along the mountainous area. Kvarner region is characterized by the particular climate which more than 150 years of tradition in elite and health tourism should be thankful to.

Places like Opatja, Lovran and Icici will satisfy even the most demanding guests. Opatja is remarkable mainly thanks to the 12 km of promenade on the sea shore, lush green parks, elegant villas, and the town atmosphere is influenced, even nowadays, by the palaces of the aristocracy of the XIX – XX centuries. The city of carnivals – Rijeka and the nearby places guarantee a great way of spending the time during the course of the year. The tourism in Kvarner region is active during the entire year and everyone is invited to participate in local manifestations: carnival parades, fishing and magical moments of wellness.

Kvarner Islands, Croatia are situated in the Kvarner bay in the northern Adriatic Sea. Krk , Rab , Cres , Losinj and Pag islands are noticeable due to the moderate Mediterranean climate and the specific spirit that surrounds these islands. Many cultural monuments can be visited while one these islands, you will also hear the specific dialect and you will be able to enjoy the peace and quiet. Krk and Pag islands are connected by continental bridges and the islands of Cres and Losinj are interconnected by bridges. The coniferous forests will provide enough shade for the hot summer days and the air in these forests has medicinal properties. Do not miss the opportunity to taste high quality wines from the Kvarner islands. Paragliding is one of the sports that can be practiced on the Krk Island. In addition, water sports can be practiced and yachts can be rented.

Region Lika – Karlovac is the mainland part of Kvarner Islands, Croatia. It connects the coast of Dalmatia and the central region of the country. The area welcomes you with a beautiful landscape: the gorgeous greenery with exceptional ecological value, only 10 km above the sea, several protected natural parks, representing an oasis of peace and tranquility. This touristic region of Croatia attracts every year an increasing number of tourists.

Plitvice Lakes National Park is a phenomenal place to visit on the Kvarner Islands, Croatia. The park attracts by its uniqueness: sparkling springs combine in order to become rivers, but also because of the effect they have on human physical and mental condition. Northern Velebit National Park is an area with various karst forms and breathtaking natural beauty.

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