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If you are one of those teenagers who have been accepted in a great study abroad program, then you can consider yourself a lucky young person. You have the opportunity to travel the world and have some amazing experiences overseas while learning more about the subject you are most interested in. However, there are many things you have to take into consideration before you go to your new host country and one of them is to look for student housing Camberwell. You can read below a detailed list of other things you need to prepare for studying abroad.

Do you need a visa?

This is the first question that should pop up in every teenager’s mind the moment they decide to go abroad to study. It is recommended to document yourself about the new host country and check whether you need a passport and a visa or not. Obtaining these documents might take some time, so it is recommended to apply for them several months before actually going. Make sure you bring all the necessary documents in case this is the first time you are going to have a passport.

Look for accommodation

Accommodation is another important thing teenagers need to consider before their going overseas, because they need a proper place to stay for the entire period while studying. What they have to decide is whether they would want to live in a dorm and share their room with other students or to live alone in a studio apartment. As it was the case of visas and passports, it is recommended to look for accommodation a few months before going too, because the best housing places are the first ones to give.

A visit to the doctor

It is advisable to visit your doctor before you go overseas in order to make sure you are in great physical conditions. You should even bring a copy of your medical records with you, because they can be quite helpful in case of an emergency. In case you are not in a good shape and you need some prescribed drugs, it is recommended to bring enough with you to last for as long as possible while you are overseas, or even for the entire period, because there are chances you might not find the same drugs in the new host country.

Do some research

The moment you to abroad for studying, it is recommended to do some detailed research before, regarding the country you are going to. Learn things related to culture, social codes, local customs and even people, because these can help you a lot to accommodate easier there. You can talk to other students that have already been to the same country and ask for their opinion and advice. It is recommended to refresh your language skills too before going or even to learn some basic phrases, especially if you have not studied this language before. It will be easier for you to communicate with people from your new host country.

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