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How to organize amazing group trips abroad

Planning group trips abroad can be a challenge even for the most experienced traveller, because the specific demands of each individual, as well as the needs of the group as a whole need to be met, not to mention that finding a tour for two is definitely easier than finding a holiday offer for ten or more people. It is important to pay great attention to detail, organize everything to perfection and make sure to take into account possible delays when planning the schedule. There is a high possibility that someone from the group will be late or get lost at some point. Some tricks could help you plan the perfect group trip such as getting a private plane charter, installing a trip planner app on every smartphone and tablet available and renting a villa instead of getting rooms at a hotel.


Hire a private plane charter

The first thing people organizing group trips need to take into consideration is the change in the transportation requirements. A large group of people travelling by car will have problems adjusting the speed to match the slowest car, not to mention keeping up with each other. If the trip is abroad, the options are limited. Travelling by bus is an ordeal especially for those with long legs. Group trips are supposed to be all about spending time together and having fun, so hiring a private plane charter is a great idea, because others will not disturb you and you will not need to worry about disturbing others on the way. If you are organizing a trip for a large group, hiring a private jet will cost you less than getting plane tickets for everyone. You will also be able to ensure a comfortable ride and no one will have any complaints.


Rent a villa

When travelling in groups, finding accommodation is difficult. The whole point of having a group trip is to stick together and have an enjoyable experience, so splitting up the group because you cannot find a room at the same hotel for everyone is not a great idea. Even when you manage to get rooms for everyone, there are high chances that you will be separated in different buildings. This is why booking an entire villa is the best solution in this case. You will not need to worry about the number of available rooms. If normally renting a private plane charter and a villa is out of the question, group trips are the perfect occasion to try living luxuriously for a couple of days. When splitting the bill, everything becomes affordable, including a private jet.


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