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Most people agree with the fact that Guernsey is a unique place. The island nestled in the English Channel, just off the Normandy coast, is lined with stunning cliffs, not to mention that it promises a beautiful beach. However, it is important not to forget the traditional cuisine, which is a mixture of British and French. What is certain is that eating out in Guernsey is always a special occasion. The island is a genuine paradise for seafood lovers, having plenty of high quality restaurants. Guernsey is indeed blessed with many excellent eating places that ensure fine dining, but choosing a seafood restaurant Guernsey is not exactly easy. If you happen to be on a holiday break and you are looking forward to feasting on salmon fishcakes, then you will need to find the best place to eat. When choosing a seafood restaurant, take into consideration the following tips.

Ask the locals

No matter how much research you do, some seafood restaurants will disappoint you. The menu may look good in the photos, but there is no guarantee that the dishes will look like their pictures.  If you really want to find out which is the best place to eat in Guernsey, ask the locals. They will most likely be able to point you in the direction of a good seafood restaurant. A good idea is to go online and ask for local recommendations. If you are not willing to wait for a response, you can get recommendations from hotel employees and even passersby.

Consider the location of the restaurant

Ideally, you should find a place to eat that you can walk to. If this is not possible, you should orient yourself towards a place that is closer to where you are staying. For instance, if you have found accommodation in the picturesque town of St Peter Port, you may want to dine at The Hook. Here you will find the only sushi bar in Guernsey that serves freshly prepared fish. Nonetheless, if the location is breath-taking and offers you stunning views, you can make an effort and get into a taxi. An upmarket hideaway cannot compare with a seaside restaurant or one that offers cliff views.

Keep in view the number of customers

A strong indicator of quality of a seaside restaurant is the number of its customers. An establishment that has a steady stream of customers is more likely to serve good seafood and provide a good service. The place to eat may look good, but it is important to pay attention to customers. Try observing the people eating and see whether or not they are enjoying their meal or if they are properly taken care of.

Use your cell phone

The Internet, or more precisely your cell phone, is right at your fingertips. Use your phone to locate seaside restaurants in Guernsey. These days, most establishments have their own websites. However, only the best ones strive to maintain their sites. This implies updating their menus and including a list of reviews.

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