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If you plan to organize a destination wedding, most certainly you will have the wild hen party away from home as well. Personally, we like the relaxed atmosphere in Newcastle. Not only the environment is a relaxed one, but there also are plenty of locations that group of young ladies will enjoy on a wild night out. You will find numerous alternatives in terms of Stag and Hen Parties Newcastle located, alternatives that will tickle everybody’s fancy. But below we have a small guide in terms of places and activities you should include on a night like this.

1. Matching shirts

You know the drill. The bridesmaids should all have matching shirts and the bride herself a T-shirt in a different design. Tees with funny messages seem to be highly appreciated, and you will also draw the attention towards your group by investing in such pieces. Other people will notice that you are all celebrating a hen party and they will be more than willing to attend your event.

2. Get VIP entrance in various bars and clubs

Invest in some amazing wristbands that will allow you to bar jump all the interesting locations in Newcastle. These VIP bands are amazing because they offer the holder full access to some of the hottest bars and clubs in the city, which is basically what will happen at a hen party: bar hopping. Make sure to consider such elements in your party and you and your guests will most certainly have an amazing night, with some great deals.

3. Choose a fancy restaurant at the beginning of the night

When it comes to hen parties, you want to make sure that you are well prepared. So, make sure that you nourish your body properly before attending such events. Make a reservation at a fancy restaurant and have a small get-together with all the bridesmaids. They will surely appreciate the care for their well-being, plus, you will be sure that no extreme events will occur due to the lack of food.

These are three pieces of advice all bridesmaids that are due to organise a hen party should follow. Generally, brides will love similar propositions and they will surely be charmed by the VIP entrance wrist bands that you will offer them. Include these activities on your list and you will surely have a fun time.

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