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In the 1,200 years of culture it was shown that a man has seen Frankfurt, which is also one of the most important financial centers in Europe, concluded that not only money counts. Almost 40 museums and exhibitions and more than 60 theaters and amphitheaters multifaceted the cultural landscape of the city color. The curtains of the opera, theater or cabaret are raised hundreds of times a week. Frankfurt does not lack variety when it comes to cultural life. Tigerpalast Variety Theatre is well known in the world for its game shows and stage performances because of light provided by leading international artists, who manage to captivate and fascinate audiences with their talent.

Embakment Museum is unique in Germany and in the European cultural scene, like pearls on a necklace, the paragraphs are Museums River. From the National Museum of Culture to German Architecture Museum, the German Film Museum to Stadel Museum, here you can find art galleries and museums of international stature. For three days in summer, always the last weekend of August, there are three scenes in high Embakment Museum Where is the largest European cultural event with hundreds of shows attended by more than 3 million visitors. Museums still remain the main attraction. The Stadel Museum has one of the most important collections in Europe houses under its roof a variety of famous artists such as Durer, Rembrandt or Picasso.

Frankfurt has a rightful place among the cities where you can enjoy some days spending on shopping. Goethestraβe is a meeting place for all that is luxury shopping. Over 300 meters of white-way stores find famous brands such as Cartier or Tiffany’s.

Römer with three facades is the emblem of Frankfurt. Since 1405 this building was chosen as the seat of Hall and is know till today that recognizes the residence of Lord Mayor in order Mayoress. In the lobby of City Hall is located the so called “Römer-hall” where are taking place on the hill Römerberg fairs since the Middle Ages. Today the old historical Römerberg center is the heart and a wonderful place to visit as a tourist. Not far from St. Church is Römerberg.

The most famous “son of Frankfurt’s” J.W. Von Goethe was born in 1746 in the city on the river Rhine. Today his birth place and the Goethe Museum are among the most important places to visit in Frankfurt. From the main tower of the museum you can admire a unique view of the entire city. Enjoy!

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