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A wedding is one of the two most important moments in the existence of any individual, man or woman. Given this fact, the celebration should be unique, something you and your guests have never experienced before. So, why not try a destination wedding? These are highly sought after and there are a lot of couples that fancy the idea. It is fun, surprising and memorable, just the three ingredients that should define a wedding party. A destination wedding means taking some of your closest friends and family members to celebrate your special day in a complete new and exciting place. Some couples choose places like Mexico or Bahamas, but others like the fast rhythm of cities like Toronto or New York. Speaking of Canada, when deciding to have the party here, you could collaborate with a wedding limo service Toronto provider, just to offer your guests with another surprise.

There are plenty of reasons for which you should host your wedding in this lovely city. Since Toronto is the most populous city in Canada, you can imagine that there is a lot of fuss and agitation on the streets of this city. People are walking in all directions, just like busy bees. When they will arrive in this beautiful city, your guests will certainly be surprised with the buildings and their architecture. You can walk in one of the parks here or you can visit the Old City Hall. If you are in the mood for shopping, you might want to go directly to the ST. Lawrence market. Here, merchants are waiting for clients, especially for brides and their guests.  Coming back to the wedding, you need to think of a church, if you don’t want to get married out in the open. Luckily for you, Toronto has a lot of churches and couples can choose the one they feel the closest to. Just to give you a few ideas, you might want to choose St. Michael’s Cathedral, if you like old, beautifully decorated churches. Another suggestion would be St Patrick’s Church, which is just as beautiful. St James’ Cathedral is located in the center of Toronto, fact which will give your guests the chance to take a tour of the city, especially if you decide to use limo rental services.


When the ceremony will be over, most likely the sun might have set and the trip in the wedding limousine will be one in a city of lights, music and agitation. To complete the destination wedding, you need a memorable restaurant. Since you are in a busy city, why not host a roof top party? There are several restaurants of this kind you could choose from. Of course, the space is limited, but destination weddings are usually small, as far as the number of guests is concerned. So, your party will fit right in. If Toronto appeals to you and you are planning a wedding, then combine the two. Remember to consider the church, the limousine service and the restaurant and you will have the perfect destination wedding in Toronto.

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