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Have you ever wondered what would be the best location where to spend your holidays? If yes, well, here is the answer: Dublin. It is impossible to end a lifetime without visiting this masterpiece made by human beings! Why? Well, let’s have a look on the most wanted attractions in Dublin:

  • The Bram Stoker Museum: it is known as the Dracula’s writer’s home, which has got more and more tourists on the go as years went on from the Dracula’s birth.
  • The National Museum of Natural History: it dates from 1857 and hosts many collections (approximately two million species), as being known as the most interesting museum from the entire world. It is open for both children and adults.
  • The National Gallery: here the tourists could find an impressive collection made but the Irish artists, and more.
  • The Chester Beatty Library: here all could find rare and valuable books, date from hundreds of years ago.
  • The Cathedral Church of Christ: it dates from the 11th century, and in the 19th people decided to restore it. It is the oldest building in Dublin, which gives to the estate a touch of classy.
  • The Phoenix Park: Dublin is worldwide known especially for its park, which is the largest one from the entire Europe.

Even though it’s has a beautiful appearance, Dublin had had serious problems while fighting for its independence. Though, what really matters at the moment is that this beautiful human being’s masterpiece has reached the highest level when thinking about innovation. It has proved to anyone on this planet that people can make miracles, and that heaven may exist on the earth. From the beautiful places to the wild night life, Dublin gets its roots from ancient times, as well as their neighbors do. There is no other place to go, especially this winter but Dublin. We assure you it will be a lifetime experience which will be hardly forgotten, due to its beautiful views and panoramas.

Though, what shocks most at Dublin is its history. People have made it and from ruins, this city reached the top and now is worldwide for its best meals and travels. One fact is sure – this place will never get old, and here will always be something more than a simple city concerning Dublin; this is where the dreams become reality for anyone who wishes for it!

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