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Discovering all of Europe

Europe may not be the world’s largest continent, in fact it’s the second smallest after Australia, but it is, without a doubt, the most diverse when it comes to cultural and historical destinations, to powerful cities that dazzle your eyes through both architectural excellence and bustling social life. Travelling to Europe is an aspect that requires careful planning, tough decision-making and difficult choices, because there is so much to see and to experience. However, there is a solution that might help you discover all of Europe much faster and easier, and on the long term even more cost effectively, than you might think. The European multi centre vacations are specially designed holiday that incorporate several destinations and holidays into one big trip, so instead of just visiting Spain, for instance, you can explore Spain, Portugal and France with one shot. Truthfully, such a vacation doesn’t allow you to discover all of Europe, but a couple of these holidays will help you achieve this goal more quickly than doing one country at a time.

There is so much to see and do in Europe that even with these European multi centre vacations, you still have plenty of choices to select from. Due to the fact that Europe is a relatively compacted continent, multi centre holidays work best here, as travel agencies and operators have the ability to incorporate more landmarks and places than in any other place. A great example of a holiday combining great history with great sunny beaches in Europe is the Greece-Turkey combination, which gives you the opportunity to explore Athens and Istanbul, two cities with great cultural and historic background, and then relax and sunbathe at one of the impressive beach resorts in either Greece or Turkey. If you’re not all that much into lying on a beach, getting tanned, then you can choose a multi centre holiday that focus on city exploration alone, such as Budapest-Vienna-Prague packages. These three European cities are close one to another and a trip package combining the three of them will not be difficult or tiresome to enjoy. All three cities are incredibly charming and have plenty of impressive attractions for you to explore.


If you are looking for something a little bit more luxurious, then try an itinerary that showcases the French Riviera, such as a combination of Nice, Marseille and Monaco, while if you’re looking to hop from country to country, the Paris-Amsterdam-Brussels combination is a killer. For romantic souls, who also have a thing for style and couture, Italy can not be overtopped and there are several European multi centre vacations that can be designed around it. Imagine exploring Rome, Florence and the entire region of Tuscany, all in one single trip, or sightseeing through Venice, Florence and Rome. If you’ve already seen Rome separately, then try a romantic getaway in Venice, Verona and the Lakes. As you can see, Europe is a continent that has a little something for everyone and you can get the most of it by choosing multi centre holiday packages that will help you discover more, faster.

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