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Del Mar is a small beach city in the County of San Diego, California, well known for its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful landscapes. The resort’s name means “of the sea” in Spanish, and this is related not only to its position (it is located on the Pacific Ocean’s Coast), but it also says a lot about what you should expect as soon as you reach the region. Although initially used as an Army Naval Auxiliary Air Facility, the city soon developed and managed to become a popular seaside resort. Del Mar provides multiple leisure activities and accommodation options, which is why people from different parts of the world choose to come and spend their holidays here. In spite of the wide selection of activities it offers to its tourists, the place is well known from two main reasons: it’s extremely romantic atmosphere and the perfect surfing conditions, during almost the entire year. If you are still not convinced that this city deserves to be on your travel list, read on to find out more about the two things that have made it so internationally famous.

Del Mar – one of the most romantic places in the world

Taking into consideration the bohemian atmosphere you encounter at any step, Del Mar, California is said to be one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Plenty of couples from the United States and elsewhere choose to spend romantic journeys or even their honeymoons here, and this has earned the city its current reputation. If you are interested in spending memorable time here with your loved one, then you should also know that there are plenty of luxurious hotels and spas whose services you can use, as well as getaway options that you can book.

Surfers will love this beach city

If you are looking for an amazing surfing experience, then this beach city is exactly the place you need to go. The incredible shore is two square miles along the Northern San Diego County coast, while the weather creates the perfect surfing conditions. Whether you are a professional surfer or you are just keen about the idea of trying this water activity, Del Mar is the place where you can explore any possibility. It even has a surf school, dedicated to those who are just learning the basics of this aquatic sport. In addition to this, you can also try windsurfing and kite surfing, because the options are far from being limited in this part of California. This means that in case you have always dreamed about floating over the waves, then you should definitely list Del Mar as one of your following travel destinations.

With its amazing beaches, spectacular sunsets and astonishing natural landscapes, this incredible village seems to be the perfect choice for any type of tourist. Del Mar is an enjoyable destination both for those who are trying to spend a serene holiday and for those who are looking for aquatic adventures, so do not hesitate and book a ticket right away.

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