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Berlin is one of the most wanted destinations by all the tourists. This capital, after a period of workless, it became the capital of the reunited Germany. Here are some of the most beautiful places to visit, see what to visit in Berlin.

  • Brandenburg Gate: it is a monumental gate from the 18th century (from 1778 to 1781) and is a symbol of both peace and Berlin, from the Cold War. It was architectural designed by Carl Gotthard, and from that time it became a beautiful masterpiece of Berlin.
  • The Berlin Wall: it was opened in 1989, and divided that time the city in two parts: east and west.
  • The Reichstag: German Parliament building: it is one of the monuments of Berlin, with large historical sights. It had a length of 137 meters and a width of 97 meters.
  • The Reichstag – sear of the Bundestag: it is date from 1894, when its building was stopped. Another point of Berlin is the Red Army soldier raising the Soviet flag on the Reichstag – it is date to happen after the war, somewhere between 1958 and 1972. What is awesome about this point is that admission is fee for anyone who would like to visit this masterpiece.
  • Alexanderplatz –Alexander Square Berlin: it is the most known plaza from all over Berlin, as well as its products. There is also a TV Tower in Alexanderplatz, and a Fountain, as the one of the friendships with a width of 23 meters.

Even if you are looking for a relaxing time or for a dynamic holiday, Berlin is what you could ever wish for. It has things for everyone, for any ages and for any pleasures. If you planning to go in a vacation, here is the best choice you could ever make in a lifetime, as well as knowing that the number of tourists has increased as years went on. Not the last to remembered, Berlin offers all kind of views and pleasures, while walking on the path of this masterpiece.

A city that resists the both world wars is one which should be taken into account and visited, even if for only once in a lifetime. Being full of international history, it hides an important amount of information, multicultural diversity and ethnic. Everyone can find themselves in this wonderful place, where everything can become reality in a single blink!

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