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Barcelona is and it will probably remain under the strong impression of the work of Antoni Gaudi. Besides his work well known throughout the world, Barcelona has to offer to the tourists who step into it a lot of impressive sights. Barcelona is definitely an ideal holiday destination because of its Mediterranean beaches. The sights and the attractions of Barcelona are very diverse and definitely can guarantee to you an unforgettable holiday even for the most demanding tourists.

Sagrada Familia – Antoni Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece is one of the most visited touristic attractions in Barcelona. The construction of the building is expected to last at least until 2041, but it has already become the most representative city sightseeing. The idea to build the cathedral was launched by a religious organization that wanted to stop the non-Christian perspective of the people in Barcelona, due to the industrialization and the idea of wealth.

The Aquarium of Barcelona – is the second largest touristic attraction in the number of visitors annually. He was Moll d’Espanya del in the Port Vell, the Mediterranean Sea. At the Aquarium there are 35 pools that represent the homes of over 11,000 marine animals and 450 different species representative of the Mediterranean. It is considered one of the most important exhibitions of marine animals from Europe because of the impressive collection it gathers.

Montjuic hill in Barcelona – is a must-visit if you are on vacation in Barcelona. Parc Guell, Ciutadella and Montjuic can be seen there. Barcelona is surrounded by mountains and hills, some quite remote, but it rises just outside the old part of town, so you should not miss seeing it for anything in this world.

La Pedrera – is one of the architectural works of Antoni Gaudi. Casa Mila was immediately called La Pedrera because of its exterior facade that resembles to a rock.

Camp Nou – is well known as FC Barcelona stadium. You have played home games at its building in 1957. The stadium has five stars in UEFA standards and hosted many international matches such as Champions League final matches of the national team or Spain.

Barcelona Zoo – is part of the Parc de la Ciutadella and houses over 7,000 animals of 500 species. Barcelona Zoo visitors can enjoy a show with dolphins or whales aquatic killer.

These being said, we wish you a very funny, lovely and interesting journey!

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