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Do you wish for this Christmas to go somewhere far from the cold winter? If yes, then Athens is the best choice you may ever make! Here are some of the most known attractions for one of the best holidays:

  • The Temple of Poseidon in Sounion: being one of the most important sanctuaries in Atticaregion, it is worldwide known due to its research made on it which revealed artifacts from prehistorically periods. It has 34 columns, from which 15 are still in the right place.
  • The Temple of Hephaestus: it was dedicated to the gods from the ancient times. Its Doric-style temple is one of the best preserved, in spite the others. It has 13.708 meters from north to south and 31.776 meters from east to west.
  • The Propyleeles: its building started in 437 and finished in 423, BC. The core of the building consists of a hall of wall that has five gates before. Back from the 13th century, the Propyleeles was home to kings, as well as a defensive fortress.
  • The Frissiras Museum: it was first inaugurated in 2000, so it is a new construction. Because of it, more and more tourists decide nowadays to come and visit this marvelous Greek building. Here, more than 3.000 works are made by artists like Auerbach and Velickovic.
  • The Sanctuary of Artemis at Brauron: in Atticaand, it has played an important role in the sanctuaries of old times. According to the legend, it was a place where girls were supposed to some kind of rituals in these temples.
  • The Syntagma Square (Constitution Square): it is placed tight in front of the Parliament and it is known as the main center from the Athens, as the main point of tourists’ attractions. Here are some of the most renewed museums, such as: Bekani, Byzantine and Cycladic Art.
  • The new Acropolis Museum: it can be find on the southern slope of Athens, as being one of the most contemporaneous buildings from the earth. It was opened in the year of 2008, and it hosts important works from renewed artists from the Acropolis.
  • The Old Parliament House: it can be easily found as the statue of T. Kolokotronis is located on the exactly same place. It was build among 1858 and 1874 by the French architect Boulanger. This house of Parliament provides enjoyment and relaxation, as looking at its marvelous construction.


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