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What is Amsterdam? The answer of this question can be summarized in several words: Amsterdam is what you want it to be. Starting with its open view, this place is where most of your wishes can become true – and we are not talking exactly about physical pleasures, but appearances. It is an amazing city, small but well structured. It can be easily seen by walking, and it makes an advantage of it.

What makes Amsterdam the best place to visit is that, like almost any other European countries you may sit wherever you want, whilst enjoying a hot espresso in the cold of the winter or a chit chat. If you wish to visit it one day, here are the main points where you are required to go:

  • St. Nicolaas Kerk: this beautiful basilica is the center of all Catholic churches from the region, being also the leading one, from 1578.
  • The Royal Palace: this replacing building is the one which, initially was built in the place of the Town Hall, destroyed one day by the fire as being the most powerful construction from the place.
  • De Nieuke Kerk: this masterpiece sits next to the previous one, the Royal Palace. Like it, the whole building was reconstructed many and many times from its first, because of the numerous fires it has been supposed to. The original construction was built by Albert Vinckenbrick, who reached its top with the help of his pupils among 13 years.

Canal Boat Tours: it is known as the best approach for viewing the city. Due to its relaxed appearance while being on it, this canal is world wide known as having the most numerous visitors in the last years.

Also, what like most to the tourists of Amsterdam is that here you may find whatever you would wish for: from candies to clothes, toys to books, this place is the best to be taken as a choice for a future trip around Europe. But not the latter of its beautiful appearance made by its impressive buildings and architecture, Amsterdam is known as the city with many faces, due to its multicultural and archeological diversity of designs and history.

Even though you may find it not as interesting as others, you should know that if you pick it up as the next place where to spend your holiday in, you need to take your best shoes because you will have to walk miles to get it entirely!

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